Pete Sans

Pete Sans is a charismatic designer, who prefers to be described as creative sculptor and furniture draftsman and artist attitude free of the pressures of the industry has allowed him to leave his trademark on the design scene and get outstanding national and international awards . After working for some time to painting, in 1971 he established a design studio and opened the gallery and school Nikon.En 1979 contacted Snack Design. This relationship "Lamparaprima" was born the first minimalist lamp in Spain and won several awards in Paris, Brussels and Miami. Since then he has focused his work on industrial design (he prefers to call it "industrial sculpture"), producing a large number of parts, each with a personal style, full of originality and modernity.
In March 1994 establishes its own production company (PeteSans Sistemes Integrals, SL). Its first product was the "Aula System" a range of office desks and since then his work reflected the Catalan architectural tradition reinterpreted sobriety Free, witty and subtle way by a designer who says, "I do not work for the industry, it is industry he works for me. "