This is how Dento is made, the Japanese ceramic lamp.

Una de las novedades del nuevo catálogo de El Torrent es Dento, un modelo en suspensión en cerámica Raku tradicional de Japón. Hoy os contamos su fascinante proceso de producción, casi siete horas de trabajo artesano en las que intervienen los cuatro elementos de la naturaleza: tierra, agua, fuego y aire.

Dento is one of the novelties included in the new El Torrent catalog, it is a suspended model in traditional Raku ceramics from Japan. Today we tell you about its fascinating production process, almost seven hours of craft work involving the four elements of nature: earth, water, fire and air.

Raku-yaki (? ?) is a type of Japanese pottery used in tea ceremonies. It is a very abrasive type of clay because of its high content of chamotte, small particles of cooked ceramics, which prevents its manipulation in the lathe and must be worked by hand. This is the first part of the creative process, the molding. Once the Dento bowl shape has been obtained, it must be left to dry and then painted with oxides and enamels and cooked in a small oven at approximately 900ºC. Once the enamels are melted, each piece is placed in a container with dried leaves or wood chips. Due to the high temperature of the process, the smoke that emerges from its combustion penetrates the ceramic and the enamels are transformed into pure metals, providing the characteristic color of this ceramic. To fix the whole process, each piece is immersed in water. It takes seven hours of work that give rise to a unique lampshade for a unique lamp that brings us closer to Japanese traditions.

The result is a delicate handmade suspension lamp. The design is by Eloy Puig and then is Anna-Katharina Fett who, in her workshop, transmits her passion for crafts making each piece a unique work of art. Placed alone, in line or gathered in a large circular base, at different or identical height, Dento creates a fresh, emotional and natural environment. Raku means “enjoyment” in Japanese, so good times are assured.

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