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29 September, 2021




Possibilities, oportunities, customizations in handcrafted lamps.



From ElTorrent we want to introduce you all the possibilities of personalisation in handcrafted luminaires.

It’s possible to configure and customise the luminaires of our catalogue and create a unique experience.

We are able to develop unique and exclusive luminaires adapted to the needs of the interior design project.

You design the luminaire that best suits your needs

and our workshop will be in charge of producing  your luminaires one by one for you.


Koord para Toni Pons


Advice on projects of customized luminaires

 If you need to take one step further, start customizing ElTorrent luminaires. We offer you all the support

of the commercial department and the technical office to take care of every detail of the project.

Contact us and we will guide you through the process of customization of your next ElTorrent luminaire.

Tarifa técnica El Tor
Materiales de algodón de colores



Design your own luminaire



Select a model and design your own luminaire
The program offers you 3 levels of configuration so that you can adapt the ElTorrent’s handcrafted luminaires.

The customization process is simple, select a product from the catalogue and start designing the ideal luminaire for your project.



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