Our creatives.

Eloy Puig

Designer and co-founder of El Torrent. He is described as an experimental and versatile person. He likes to reinvent what already exists. Pure sensitivity and creativity. After a few years working alone, Eloy Puig has incorporated designers, creatives and engineers to create a team completely dedicated to the design and development of new products.

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Andreu Carulla

We are a design product that combines art and technology. We understand our design as a reflection of the Mediterranean lifestyle, creating products that are vivid and bright, trying to put a smile on the face of the owner.


Joan Genebat

Joan Genebat brings all his creativity and energy to El Torrent . Getting convey the feelings that you want to have is the challenge and the greatest goal. Light has character and very different personalities, they get to know gradually and with experience.


Estudi Ribaudí

“Novelty, if it can’t be perceived at 100 metres, isn’t nolvetie”.

This is Jordi Ribaudi’s philosophy of experiencing objects. The studio has a multidisciplinary creative team ready surprise and seduce.



Series Nemo

SeriesNemo team consists of specialists in different fields of design and communication: industrial design, graphic and decoration.
Yours philosophy is to create products with their own, unique character and balanced in form and function. Designs with soul, close, emotional, to stimulate intangible connection between user and object.



Roger Vancells
Roger Vancells

“The working method helps reveal the beauty of everay objects, making them simpl,functional and clear, by using attractive, sincere solutions arissing from our constant search of innovation.”


Francesc Crous Diseñador
Francesc Crous

“I intend with the design, to explore with the material and its formal behavior. And, together with the details, define the object, a harmonious link be established with the user.”


Alessandro Calogeron
Alessandro Calogero for Crous Calogero Design


 ” We want our objects, materials and details of each product,to convey a desire to be touched and observed close up.”