Who are we?

Welcome to el torrent.

In a small workshop of a country house – Can Torrent – in Mieres,
a village in the Pre-Pyrenees between Barcelona and France:
is where our project was born in 1997.

Lighting manufacturers.

For more than 20 years we have been manufacturers of handcrafted lighting and design.
We treat each project as a new creative stimulus
to give our lamps a unique design.


Our history.

An inspiring environment in the heart of the province of Girona, where the most innovative models and designs based on organic and natural forms, created by Eloy Puig.
Today, El Torrent is a company that creates and produces indoor and outdoor lamps, all types of decorative luminaires that adapt to any space thanks to their materials and artistic finishes, for contractual projects, both public and private.

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Our activities.



Without any doubt, white, functional and comfortable decoration has a name: Nordic. Scandinavian countries come together in this style: so warm in winter, so fresh in summer, practical, minimalist ... And we know that less is more. The decorative elements that we find...

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The Quadra Collection by Roger Vancells

The Quadra Collection by Roger Vancells

You already know the QUADRA  model by the Barcelona designer Roger Vancells. Although delicate in its exterior appearance, it is ideal for high traffic locations. It is both robust and discrete, and is the ideal complement to any type of decorative style. Line: Wall...

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Tips to better illuminate our living room

Tips to better illuminate our living room

Ideas to keep in mind before you start: First Let's define the use we make of it. To do that, we're going to answer some questions: - Is it a family gathering place? - Just to watch TV? - Do children use it? - Does it include a dining area? - Will friends come there?...

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Meet the designers.

The Vision.

Eloy Puig
Designer and co-director of El Torrent Iluminación. Possessor of an enormous and pure creativity.
He likes to reinvent what already exists. His models are based on organic and natural forms. The light for him is emotion, it is waking up every morning.

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