Shut up!

by Joan Genebat

Shut Up! redefines the visual and acoustic experience of spaces. With its sleek design, sustainable materials, and meticulous attention to detail, it represents the perfect harmony between functionality and aesthetics.

The “Shut Up!” luminaire designed by Joan Genebat stands out for its high-density acoustic panels, made from recycled and fire-resistant PET material. Its combination of beechwood, metal sheet, and two available sizes make it versatile, adapting to a variety of spaces with elegance and functionality. Additionally, its acoustic material with absorption aw = 0.90 (-) contributes to silent environments. Equipped with 3000K LED, it offers lighting options with 7.9W and 950lm (small) or 15W and 1900lm (large). The “Shut Up!” luminaire seamlessly blends design, sustainability, and functionality in an exceptional way.

Acoustic panel shade. 9mm thickness
Available in different colours
Available in two different sizes

Black metal structure.
Natural wood trims.
Black cable.
Black canopy