Koord lamps in Atlàntida’s pizzerias.

Interior designer Rosa Colet has been in charge of the redecoration of two restaurants located on the catalan coast: Atlàntida 2, in Vilassar de Mar, and Atlàntida, in the Mataró Park complex. In both cases, she found in the Koord model of El Torrent the perfect ally to achieve the intimate lighting but with character that she was looking for, with its handmade and artisan touch: «These lamps provide a point of direct light on the tables, besides the possibility to personalize colors and coordinate the chromatic range with the upholstery of the chairs», says Rosa Colet.

In fact, the characteristic thread cords of the Koord have been the «perfect» thread in the design of the premises, although they are two totally different spaces. Rosa tells us that in the case of Atlàntida 2, a restaurant that was already fully operational at the time of the reform, the idea was «to open the place to natural light and give it a fresh and cheerful look». She got it by changing the layout of all the furniture and opening the views to the outside. Green, orange, purple and blue colors in seats and Koord provided a cheerful and warm air at the same time. In addition, due to the structure of the premises, the renovation could not touch the ceiling so she decided to use the cords to give it coloring and personality.

In Atlàntida, a pizzeria in Mataró Park, Rosa Colet’s proposal was to maintain the essence of the other restaurant, but adapted to the atmosphere of a shopping center: «The philosophy was the same, to give it a fresh and cheerful air, connected to the outside, facing banks and a special lighting in each corner». Here Koords are again the protagonists, «they have been the perfect pieces», says Rosa, «because they allowed us to combine the colors of the lamps with the fabrics of the upholstery and give the room a warm light that favors privacy.»

Koord lamps and the use of laces in other elements of the reforms have also served as a link between the two premises, full of color and personality.

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