New projects and new collaborators


3 December, 2018



ellos Francesc Crous y Alessandro Colagero, de Crous Calogero Design Studio

The year is coming to the end and we are working against the time in the 2019 launches.

For the next year, wehave new collaborators, such as: Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero  (instagram).

We have falled in loved with their outdoor design.

Together with Joan Genebat , they have developed this new project for @eltorrentES

We are getting to know to each other…

They are passionate about everything they do.

They divide theirprofessional activity between the studio and teaching classes at BarcelonaSchool Eina

They are clear: their ideal luminaire is one that has “… the ability to excite the user.

For them it´s clear: the ideal lighting is that one that creates emotion to the end user. The one that even is turned off, creates a nice surrounding. When this one turns on, it creates that the environment comes alive!

They told us that they have imagined this new model based on “… Respect for matter. Treat lighting through an artisanal way, with materials that do not respond to a price strategy but to the philosophy of the brand itself …”

The talk was longer, but we will tell you little by little.

See you next month!