New portable outdoor lamps – Koord Model


16 May, 2017




The Koord line grows with three new portable models, floor and table lamps, designed to be used in indoor and outdoor spaces. These three lamps keep the contemporary and characteristic design of the Koord family, handmade with braided cord in several colours and inspired by nature.

The feature that distinguishes the new Koord lamps is their portability: they can be moved to different spaces without wires thanks to their long battery life, 7 hours full power. Light intensity can be regulated depending on the needs of each moment or the atmosphere we want to create, with three positions of 10%, 50% and 100%.

Outdoor use is another strength of these portable models. They are absolutely suitable for spaces such as yards, terraces or balconies: the floor lamp has IP65 rating and the table lamp has IP66 rating. These three Koord lamps are made with UV-treated polypropylene cord, which ensures great outdoor resistance.

Koord Outdoor, the floor lamp, is 150cm. It has a base made of white polymer concrete that eases its positioning in a minimalist and contemporary way.

Koord table lamp is available in three different models, which differ in colours and sizes, so they can be combined to create original and cozy spaces. They have also a remote control system and ON/OFF touch switch in the module base that make the easy to use.

These three new lamps join the Koord family, which includes a wall lamp, a ceiling lamp, a hanging lamp and another floor lamp with three beech wood legs. The whole Koord line has been designed by Eloy Puig, who has taken as reference and inspiration the unique spot where El Torrent studio is placed, in the region of La Garrotxa.

The shapes and the colours of the Koord lamps give a contemporary and elegant touch to any space, but also a distinctive and original shade. The new models also allow to create an atmosphere in an outside space simply and quickly, saving transportation or wire complications.