Our designers!


25 January, 2019




We have him at home, we share his ideas and he make us happy in the morning. #joangenebat has designed #Aura and #Erol inspired by the nature: the sun, the land, the sea, the forest. He is a passionate about photography, observes everything that surrounds him and transforms daily objects into art.

He always leaves a door open to the imagination, so this allows to the customer to create his own works:
Aura  and Erol.

They are designed to combine colors and sizes, giving way to a new and unique piece.
He explained us that his creative process,  starts always in a family trip through the countryside or in a bicycle ride.
In the open air, Joan finds the best “ingredients”.
When we ask him, what  does he wants to convey in his designs? he answers: ” I look for simplicity, timelessness, as well as emotion and communication”
We know that he succeeds.