Tips to better illuminate our living room


7 February, 2020




Ideas to keep in mind before you start:


Let’s define the use we make of it. To do that, we’re going to answer some questions:

  • – Is it a family gathering place?
  • – Just to watch TV?
  • – Do children use it?
  • – Does it include a dining area?
  • – Will friends come there?
  • – Is there space for reading?

Once we have assessed all the information, we will decide on the general lighting, as a whole. Also, we will detect possible areas that we should complement, according to the use.

Pendant lamp KoordSecond

Let’s pay attention to the style we want in our space, that is, our own style.

Nordic, vintage, modern or colonial, minimalist … or the opposite? 😉

Hanging Lamp Eva model

And according to the style,

  • – What is the effect we are looking for?
  • – What do we want to convey in each space?
  • – What sensation do we expect to be invaded by being there?

Don’t forget that mixing decorative styles gives strength and personality to the rooms.



Now, let’s divide by zones: central, dining room, reading, entertainment.

Choose the focal point and from there, it will be easier to find the perfect lighting in each area.

For the dining area, choose direct light. It is important not to affect food colors.

If the living room is also a perfect place for reading, you will need a direct, powerful and perhaps colder light.



Finally, the final touches, shall we perfect them?

If you find corners that don’t look lit enough, it’s time to think about wall lights, ambient, dim, indirect lighting.

They give a decorative and intimate touch that you will not be dissapointed of, they can create real works of art in light.

And finally, always do your best to ensure that natural light floods into each and every corner of your living room, of your home.