Cala Floor

by Joan Genebat

Cala is a unique piece that combines elegance and functionality. Its knitted point shade adds a touch of sophistication, while the 100% acrylic thread, suitable for outdoor use, ensures durability and resistance. This thread, mass-dyed and with anti-UV properties, ensures quick drying, making it ideal for outdoor use.

The shade is easily replaceable and easy to maintain, allowing for washing when necessary. The black metal structure is specially treated to withstand outdoor conditions. Cala features a dimmable LED lighting system using TRIAC technology, covered by a semi-spherical opal methacrylate diffuser. Additionally, its design includes a concrete base to provide better stability.

This combination of aesthetic design and technical features makes it the perfect choice to illuminate and decorate any space with style and functionality.

Information about the outdoor fabric:

The thread that makes up this fabric stands out for its resistance to the sun and outdoor elements, thanks to its high-quality acrylic material and pigmentation technology. The thread’s color is consistent throughout its structure, preventing it from losing tone with sun exposure, unlike other threads that may show white tones due to color loss in the surface layers with UV radiation. As a synthetic fiber, this thread does not retain moisture within itself, unlike natural fibers such as cotton.