What are the most important benefits of smart lighting?

What are the most important benefits of smart lighting?

Let’s talk about Smart lighting…

Smart homes are already here, home automation has entered our lives and does nothing but advance.

We have seen the energy savings it offers us, essential for our pocket,

And we have discovered that it helps to create a sustainable development.

In El Torrent Il-luminació we have a clear commitment to our environment.

We seek to work with natural, healthy, durable and recyclable materials.

Also in the LED lighting technology we use in our models.

For this, we work with Casambi™ components.

They currently offer “The most robust, cost-effective and future-proof wireless lighting control solution.”

Smart lighting” utilities that reduce consumption:

CP Eddy Billard


Setting sunset and sunrise times:



  • Temporarily using GPS, Casambi units can calculate local sunrise and sunset times.

You can program the lights in your home to turn on and dim as it gets darker.

Or shutdown if more light enters the space at dawn.

Do you do homeoffice? You can program the intensity and temperature of the luminaire in your workplace, between certain hours.

It is a very practical way to delimit your work schedule. And return to the warmth of your living room or kitchen when you finish.

  • Control and synchronize switching on, off and dimming in groups of luminaires and/or individually.

Based on the creation of unlimited networks, it is possible to provide a solution to synchronize several luminaires in a single room, several rooms at a time but also complex communal buildings.


Do you sign up for the control for sustainability?


STICK of Roger Vancells: The nordic as a lifestyle.

STICK of Roger Vancells: The nordic as a lifestyle.

hanging lamp Stick

Without any doubt, white, functional and comfortable decoration has a name: Nordic.

Scandinavian countries come together in this style: so warm in winter, so fresh in summer, practical, minimalist … And we know that less is more.

The decorative elements that we find in each room, have their use, provide their functionality, nothing is placed at random.

Today we give you four keys to achieve convey that feeling that invites us to relax:

  • Luminosity is a fundamental concept, multiplying clarity is vital.

Natural light must be taken advantage at fullest, sometimes eliminating the curtains and leaving the large windows bared.

And at night lights that create a familiar, relaxing and natural environment.

Under that minimalist and functional concept Stick was born, the line composed by a standing lamp and a pendant, designed by Roger Vancells.

Wood and textile join in a line of powerful and warm light at the same time.


And we keep on aiming:

  • The basic white of textiles, walls, floors and ceiling can be combined with grey, beige, pastel and natural tones in cushions, table linen, and bedding.
  • The leather and furs, the thick fabrics: a blanket with bright colors on the comfortable sofa is key to share the things that make you feel comfortable, that “hyggestund” so Danish.


  • The green, the plants that give a touch of color to the light woods of the practical and simple low furniture.

And always, of course, sustainable materials and artisan work.

The Quadra Collection by Roger Vancells

The Quadra Collection by Roger Vancells

You already know the QUADRA  model by the Barcelona designer Roger Vancells.

Although delicate in its exterior appearance, it is ideal for high traffic locations.

It is both robust and discrete, and is the ideal complement to any type of decorative style.

Sobre mesa y aplique Quadra
Line: Wall and Table lamps

Today we would like to tell you that the SCREEN textile of its shade makes this the ideal choice if your business is a hotel, a residence or if you rent seasonal apartments. Of course, it is also ideal for your current home.


Take note:

  • Because of its technical characteristics, it is a very hard-wearing material.
  • It is easy to maintain and does not require excessive care. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth and it repels dust because of its anti-static properties.
textil screen white
White Screen


  • It is fireproof. It does not melt, fray or detach and is flame retardant. It does not emit toxic fumes and will not extend a fire.

Read about its characteristics, choose its location and enjoy it.

Tips to better illuminate our living room

Tips to better illuminate our living room

Ideas to keep in mind before you start:


Let’s define the use we make of it. To do that, we’re going to answer some questions:

  • – Is it a family gathering place?
  • – Just to watch TV?
  • – Do children use it?
  • – Does it include a dining area?
  • – Will friends come there?
  • – Is there space for reading?

Once we have assessed all the information, we will decide on the general lighting, as a whole. Also, we will detect possible areas that we should complement, according to the use.

Pendant lamp KoordSecond

Let’s pay attention to the style we want in our space, that is, our own style.

Nordic, vintage, modern or colonial, minimalist … or the opposite? 😉

Hanging Lamp Eva model

And according to the style,

  • – What is the effect we are looking for?
  • – What do we want to convey in each space?
  • – What sensation do we expect to be invaded by being there?

Don’t forget that mixing decorative styles gives strength and personality to the rooms.



Now, let’s divide by zones: central, dining room, reading, entertainment.

Choose the focal point and from there, it will be easier to find the perfect lighting in each area.

For the dining area, choose direct light. It is important not to affect food colors.

If the living room is also a perfect place for reading, you will need a direct, powerful and perhaps colder light.



Finally, the final touches, shall we perfect them?

If you find corners that don’t look lit enough, it’s time to think about wall lights, ambient, dim, indirect lighting.

They give a decorative and intimate touch that you will not be dissapointed of, they can create real works of art in light.

And finally, always do your best to ensure that natural light floods into each and every corner of your living room, of your home.


Three ideas for your autumn terrace

Three ideas for your autumn terrace

It’s time to continue dining outdoors.

September gives us the possibility to enjoy pleasant temperatures, while the talk with friends lasts until late.

We propose three forms of lighting to make the meeting cozy and successful:

Lateral lighting:



A natural touch with plants, will give color while protecting from autumn breeze.
Wallflower and calendula are ideal plants for this time of year.

Central lighting:



It brings intimacy and romanticism to the evening.

Top lighting:



It allows you to keep the table clear and decorate it with that candle holder that you like so much.

Now, enjoy it!


The curious look

The curious look

Designer Roger Vancelles

Roger Valcells has visited us, he is a partner for this year’s novelties.

When Roger designs a product or a space, his main objective is to create an emotional connection between the project and its user.

He is a tireless innovator, a creator of beauty, always looking for simplicity and functionality in daily objects.

In your luminaries, he has combined each and every one of those qualities.

We are delighted to have him on our team, and eager to present his work.


Estudi Ribaudi Hoops

Estudi Ribaudi Hoops

It’s more than a wall sconce. It ´s a game of adjustable lights and shadows.

Its dimable central LED module also allows changing the light projection angle.

Approaching nature, the rings of beech wood draw circles that magically transform the spaces.

Its manufacturing process is left in Pere´s hands, a carpenter in Banyoles and our technical team.

Our designers!

Our designers!

We have him at home, we share his ideas and he make us happy in the morning. #joangenebat has designed #Aura and #Erol inspired by the nature: the sun, the land, the sea, the forest. He is a passionate about photography, observes everything that surrounds him and transforms daily objects into art.

He always leaves a door open to the imagination, so this allows to the customer to create his own works:
Aura  and Erol.

They are designed to combine colors and sizes, giving way to a new and unique piece.
He explained us that his creative process,  starts always in a family trip through the countryside or in a bicycle ride.
In the open air, Joan finds the best “ingredients”.
When we ask him, what  does he wants to convey in his designs? he answers: ” I look for simplicity, timelessness, as well as emotion and communication”
We know that he succeeds.

New projects and new collaborators

New projects and new collaborators

ellos Francesc Crous y Alessandro Colagero, de Crous Calogero Design Studio

The year is coming to the end and we are working against the time in the 2019 launches.

For the next year, wehave new collaborators, such as: Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero  (instagram).

We have falled in loved with their outdoor design.

Together with Joan Genebat , they have developed this new project for @eltorrentES

We are getting to know to each other…

They are passionate about everything they do.

They divide theirprofessional activity between the studio and teaching classes at BarcelonaSchool Eina

They are clear: their ideal luminaire is one that has “… the ability to excite the user.

For them it´s clear: the ideal lighting is that one that creates emotion to the end user. The one that even is turned off, creates a nice surrounding. When this one turns on, it creates that the environment comes alive!

They told us that they have imagined this new model based on “… Respect for matter. Treat lighting through an artisanal way, with materials that do not respond to a price strategy but to the philosophy of the brand itself …”

The talk was longer, but we will tell you little by little.

See you next month!

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