The essence of the Nucli pendant luminaire.

The essence of the Nucli pendant luminaire.

Here are the reasons to bring a Nucli pendant luminaire into your home.




Joan Genebat’s talent is to find the soul of the materials he uses for his lighting designs.



In the Nucli pendant lamp, for indoors or outdoors, two noble materials blend in harmonious symbiosis:

ceramic and glass.

 Each shade, handmade by the craftsman, reflects the simplicity and beauty of his soul.


Luminaria decorative


With its soft rounded lines, it brings us closer to a balance between aesthetics and functionality, making any cozy room.



 In each of the three colours: blue-grey, red clay and off-white, its unique and unrepeatable identity emerges.

It leaves us with a soft, enveloping light that leads to relaxation and serenity for family evenings.


Download the technical sheet to find out about all the possible colours and installation options.

Composiciones Nucli

Light up to your terrace or balcony!

Light up to your terrace or balcony!

Terraces and balconies are also for autumn.

                                                              Lamps for terraces and balconies.

We are already familiar with terraces and we have learned to value outdoor spaces, to integrate them into our daily lives and enjoy them all year round.

Now, it’s time to dress for autumn, to give warmth and comfort to this meeting place.


Dento suspended lamp

  • Consider an enclosure…

Perhaps a glass curtain, or simply a “windbreak” such as a large plant, a lattice or an awning to protect you from the cold, rain, humidity and wind.

whatever you choose, it is important not to lose natural light.

And let’s get to work…

Swell en terraza fabricada para el torrent

This summer has been one of the hottest,

  • Pay attention to the furniture.

If you already have them, maybe you need to give them a once-over, apply a protective and waterproofing coat with the right product.

And why not change their colour?

And if you have decided to buy new ones, make sure they are simple and functional so that they take up just the right amount of space.

Add warm lights, candles, cozy cushions, blankets for you and your people.

We are not used to seeing them outdoors but there are  two elements that will bring comfort and warmth to the space:

The market offers materials that are easy to clean, sun and water resistant.

Jute, wool, pure cotton or mixed with various polyester fibres.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety where we can find the model or colour

that makes us feel more comfortable and fits our economy.

Bauma colgantes luminaria para terrazas y balcones fabricada por El Torrent



Exclusive lamps for you.

Exclusive lamps for you.

Possibilities, oportunities, customizations in handcrafted lamps.



From ElTorrent we want to introduce you all the possibilities of personalisation in handcrafted luminaires.

It’s possible to configure and customise the luminaires of our catalogue and create a unique experience.

We are able to develop unique and exclusive luminaires adapted to the needs of the interior design project.

You design the luminaire that best suits your needs

and our workshop will be in charge of producing  your luminaires one by one for you.


Koord para Toni Pons


Advice on projects of customized luminaires

 If you need to take one step further, start customizing ElTorrent luminaires. We offer you all the support

of the commercial department and the technical office to take care of every detail of the project.

Contact us and we will guide you through the process of customization of your next ElTorrent luminaire.

Tarifa técnica El Tor
Materiales de algodón de colores



Design your own luminaire



Select a model and design your own luminaire
The program offers you 3 levels of configuration so that you can adapt the ElTorrent’s handcrafted luminaires.

The customization process is simple, select a product from the catalogue and start designing the ideal luminaire for your project.



Tell us!
Confort is Hotel Boutique Mónica and Koord

Confort is Hotel Boutique Mónica and Koord

Do you want to know the advantages to be an adult?

Not all are responsibilities when you are an adult.

You can also enjoy a relaxing holiday surround yourself with a silence in Hotel Mónica Boutique in Cambrils, Costa Daurada.


Colgantes Koord en Hotel Boutique Mónica

The Mediterranean Sea produces a unique light and this affect all of rooms with balcony or terrace.

Its swing pool with hammock inside and rooftop are complemented with natural color Koord suspensions who interior designer Xavier Vendrell selects for the solarium terrace and dining room.


Luminaria decorativa Nucli

To be an adult is a right to pick the best moments in your life.

We recommend Hotel Boutique Mónica to discover yours dreams.

Smart Lighting: Its benefits

Smart Lighting: Its benefits

Let’s talk about Smart lighting…



Smart homes are already here, home automation has entered our lives and does nothing but advance.

We have seen the energy savings it offers us, essential for our pocket,

And we have discovered that it helps to create a sustainable development.

In El Torrent Il-luminació we have a clear commitment to our environment.

We seek to work with natural, healthy, durable and recyclable materials.

Also in the LED lighting technology we use in our models.

For this, we work with Casambi™ components.

They currently offer “The most robust, cost-effective and future-proof wireless lighting control solution.”


CP Eddy Billard


Utilities  that reduce consumption:


Setting sunset and sunrise times:


  • Temporarily using GPS, Casambi units can calculate local sunrise and sunset times.

You can program the lights in your home to turn on and dim as it gets darker.

Or shutdown if more light enters the space at dawn.


Do you do homeoffice? You can program the intensity and temperature of the luminaire in your workplace, between certain hours.

It is a very practical way to delimit your work schedule. And return to the warmth of your living room or kitchen when you finish.


  • Control and synchronize switching on, off and dimming in groups of luminaires and/or individually.

Based on the creation of unlimited networks, it is possible to provide a solution to synchronize several luminaires in a single room, several rooms at a time but also complex communal buildings.

Eva smart light