The curious look

Roger Valcells has visited us, he is a partner for this year’s novelties. When Roger designs a product or a space, his main objective is to create an emotional connection between the project and its user. He is a tireless innovator, a creator of beauty, always looking for simplicity and functionality in daily objects. In your luminaries, he has combined each and every one of those qualities. We are delighted to have him on our team, and eager to present his work. @rogervancells

Estudi Ribaudi Hoops

It’s more than a wall sconce. It ´s a game of adjustable lights and shadows. Its dimable central LED module also allows changing the light projection angle. Approaching nature, the rings of beech wood draw circles that magically transform the spaces. Its manufacturing process is left in Pere´s hands, a carpenter in Banyoles and our technical team.






Our designers!

We have him at home, we share his ideas and he make us happy in the morning. #joangenebat has designed #Aura and #Erol inspired by the nature: the sun, the land, the sea, the forest. He is a passionate about photography, observes everything that surrounds him and transforms daily objects into art. He always leaves a door open to the imagination, so this allows to the customer to create his own works:Aura  and Erol. They are designed to combine colors and sizes, giving way to a new and unique piece.He explained us that his creative process,  starts always in a…

ellos Francesc Crous y Alessandro Colagero, de Crous Calogero Design Studio

New projects and new collaborators

The year is coming to the end and we are working against the time in the 2019 launches. For the next year, wehave new collaborators, such as: Francesc Crous and Alessandro Calogero  (instagram). We have falled in loved with their outdoor design. Together with Joan Genebat , they have developed this new project for @eltorrentES We are getting to know to each other… They are passionate about everything they do. They divide theirprofessional activity between the studio and teaching classes at BarcelonaSchool Eina.  They are clear: their ideal luminaire is one that has “… the ability to excite the user.…