We put the light to the Pago de Carraovejas warehouse


12 March, 2018




Embedded within Pago de Carraovejas (Peñafiel, Valladolid, Spain), Ambivium restaurant was born from the tireless research for the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. It is a restaurant ready to awaken all your senses, it is a different gastronomic proposal in the Ribera del Duero, an enotourism experience with which we collaborate with our Versatil lamps. A hanging and modular model with a modern and contemporary style.

In that project, the architecture studio wanted to give a major importance to the light and the integration of the restaurant with the surroundings. And that is where Versatil fuses its forms with the undulating terrain of the vineyards that surround the room. It is an Eloy Puig design available in three different sizes that allow you to create circles or, as in Ambivium, billowing and suggestive shapes. It is a modular model with LED 2700k included, it has three different lengths and it offers now a narrower height. Versatil includes a height adjustment system using steel cables and a single point of light for all modules.

Quality, avant-garde and a deep respect for the traditional define the proposal of Ambivium restaurant, and the philosophy of El Torrent can not fit better in a place like this.